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Prince Tribute: The New Power Revolution

Prince Tribute: The New Power Revolution

5 years ago singer Wayne Moen, bassist Marc Sokpolie, Guitarist Heyn Linger and drummer Patrick Wiebers were recording their own music in one of the group projects they had back then- TurboMonster. They had had several musical projects, played all around the Netherlands but also Belgium, France, Germany, and far away places like Dubai.

All of them are avid Prince fans, (each member has his favourite Prince album) and moreover: all members are well versed in the music that was influential to Prince, like Jimi Hendrix, Larry Graham, Santana, Patrice Rushen, Curtis Mayfield, the Isley Brothers. When Wayne was asked if he knew a group that could perform Prince songs on an annual Prince party, held by the Dutch Prince Fanclub, he dryly responded ‘of course’. When they sat down to talk repertoire they immediately discussed the more obscure tracks. The popular tracks- Kiss, Purple Rain, Raspberry Beret, weren’t even an issue. Of course we’ll play the hits, we’ve already played them dozens of times. But what about Pop Life?

What about Darling Nikki? What about Alphabet street? If we are going to play Prince songs to real Prince fans we need to hit ‘em with the realness…  As the repertoire grew, the agenda grew and the band also grew, 2 keyboardists and horn players were added.

Then there was that fateful day in 2016.
Word got out that Prince had passed away. The group members called each other frantically, hoping that any of them would say that it was all a hoax, Prince still being alive and well at Paisley park. Sadly, none of them did.

Next gig on the agenda was the annual festival from Dutch Prince party/fanclub Welcome 2 Rotterdam. It was a very special, emotional night. Prince fans from all over Europe had gathered. At the time the band started playing the club was filled with Dutch fans, Belgians, French, Spanish, Italian, German, British, Irish and even Bulgarian fans, and the energy they had experienced at so many Prince concerts, in and outside the Golden Circle at numerous venues- seemed to manifest itself for one final time, in memory of the Purple One. It was tears, smiles, and good vibes all night, and it proved to be a defining night for the band. It gave them a sense of purpose.

They don’t need to try and be Prince. They just play Prince’s material in the way it inspired them all these years. The audience starts dancing and singing along. Raw energy congregates and a great night ensues. Happens all the time! The group received positive messages from former Prince band member Morris Hayes and others, via mail and on their Facebook site.

New on the band’s to-do-list is a collaboration with superstar DJ and VJ Krewcial, where they extend the live show to a full night’s Prince Bash with Krewcial’s exclusive edits from Prince’s music catalog, all synced to original music videos, live footage, album artwork and pictures. Krewcial mixes both the hits as lesser known material, as long as it’s danceable. Essential experience for Prince fans old and new.

New Power Revolution Promo video

Krewcial Promo video here: